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Dermosthetique Anti-Age – Hair Growth Therapy



[THE PROBLEM] Hair thinning and hair loss. Lack of quality in hair due to ageing, hormonal changes, or environmental influences and lifestyle challenges such as stress.
[THE CONSEQUENCES] As we age the process of ‘glycation’- or hardening of the scalp tissue- cause diminished nutrients, circulation and support to the hair follicle.  This results in weaker hairs and eventually hair loss.
[THE SOLUTION] DERMOSTHETIQUE ANTI-AGE is an intensive therapy that works to stimulate and support the hair-forming mother cells to kick them into production while it also contains active ingredients to defend the scalp against free radicals and damaging glycation.


Activates stem cells


Increases cell turnover
for new hair growth


Protects stem cells
from glycation
  • 9% increase in new hair growth 
  • -17% decrease in hair loss
  • +28,000 new hairs 
Thicker, denser hair *after three months
New baby hairs at temples with increased thickness

**Use together for best results**

Shampooing Actif F  Cell-active anti-aging shampoo for the supportive treatment of signs of aging of scalp and fine hair.

  • Incredibly light for fine hair.
  • Keratin and ceramides strengthen and protect delicate hair.
  • -Red algae defends hair against damaging free radicals.
  • Increases the scalp's defences against stress

$49Incl. GST

Thérapie Anti-Chute Premium  -A powerful ampoule treatment to increase new hair count, stimulate rate of hair growth, and stop the loss and thinning of existing hairs

  • Increase hair density by reactivating young stem cells and neutralise free radicals
  • Increase the rate of new hair growth with burdock root extract
  • Stop hair falling by protecting and extending the lifespan of hair follicles

$249Incl. GST

Elixir Anti-Chute Premium   - Cell-active scalp tonic to maximise the results of the Therapie Anti-Chute Amouple

  • Breaks down glycation, or hardening of scalp
  • Provides scalp with nutrients to support cell turnover
  • Protects collagen cells from hardening and making new hair growth difficult

$78Incl. GST

5-Star Customer Reviews

Stopped a receding hairline

Reviewed by Remington Schulz
This stopped my hair from receding at the sides. After a few weeks I could see new hairs growing and now it's noticeably thicker above my temples. I' m very happy as well as the fact that it's very easy to use.

"So simple to use"

Reviewed by Casey, Hairdresser of Simply Shine Salon

Female hair loss

Reviewed by Helem M.S.
I'm glad to see that there is finally a product that speaks directly to women who suffer menopause- related hair loss. It's been a frustrating journey for me and until I started use this ampoule I felt like there was nothing out here for me. It's definitely helped, but you must be patient. It took about 4 months before I really started to see my hair look fuller, but I'm glad it's working.

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Our skin and hair are individual La Biosthétique products
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Why La Biosthétique

Among various scalp care products in the market, why should you choose La Biosthétique?

Cutting-edge Technology

La Biosthétique has it’s
own state-of-the-art
laboratories in the foothills
of the Black Forest in

Quality Guarantee

Each and every product is
made under one roof, and
complies with the strictest
standards of product
efficacy in the EU.

Pure and Safe

The use of natural and
ingredients is always a
priority. To ensure our
products work in biological
balance with our bodies.

Long-term Solution

La Biosthétique products
offer a long-term solution
rather than a ‘quick fix’ or
‘cover up’ to underlying
skin conditions.


  • How do I know which product is the right one for me ?Find the closest La Biosthetique salon
  • We recommend seeking professional advice to find which hair care, scalp care and skin care is best suited to you.
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  • Delivery time is one day for Sydney region when the order is put before 12pm, for other area delivery make up to 5 days.
  • How much does delivery cost?
  • Delivery is a flat rete of $13. Free shipping is applied on orders of $75 or more.
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  • Go and use your order number(LAB followed by six numbers) as the reference number to track your parcel.

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