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[THE PROBLEM] In most cases, a scaly scalp is naturally predisposed to being highly sensitive or it rapidly becomes highly irritated as result of permanent or recurring dandruff
[THE CONSEQUENCES] A fatal vicious circle occurs: Micro organisms that causes no or only temporary damage to robust scalps trigger latent inflammatory processes in sensitive scalps. This not only leads to more dandruff, but also results in the further dissemination of dandruff-triggering microbes.
[THE SOLUTION] DERMOSTHETIQUE ANTI-PELLICULAIRE is an intensive therapy that solves both problems. It effectively combats the causes of dandruff: Its new kinds of active ingredients and mechanisms also alleviate the scalp’s sensitivity.


Anti inflamatory


Prevent drandruff
from forming


Clams the irritated
itchy skin
  • 1. Up to 100% of visible dandruff are eradicated in just one application
  • 2. The impaired, hyper reactive hornification process is reliably normalisedv
  • 3. Even hypersensitive scalps are lastingly calmed
Dandruff Treatment
Psoriasis Treatment

**Use together for best results**

Shampooing Apaisant   - Therapy shampoo

  • Gently cleanses and calms
  • Thoroughly and at the same time gently frees the scalp from dandruff
  • Normalises the microbial flora and restores the scalp's protective acid mantle
  • Increases the scalp's defences against stress

$54.50Incl. GST

Lotion Apaisante   - Therapy scalp lotion

  • Lastingly restores a healthy balance to irritated scalps
  • Prevents the new formation of dandruff
  • Remains on the scalp

$55.50Incl. GST

5-Star Customer Reviews

The embarrassment is over

Reviewed by Karen
This is the only thing that has stopped my dandruff from coming back. Everything else works, but eventually the flakes would come back. I actually send it to my siblings in the states because it works so well and they can't get it!

Our number one product

Reviewed by Lauren
Reviewed by Ken
Super easy to use, absolutely stopped my dandruff. 100% recommend this.

La Biosthétique

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Why La Biosthétique

Among various scalp care products in the market, why should you choose La Biosthétique?

Cutting-edge Technology

La Biosthétique has it’s
own state-of-the-art
laboratories in the foothills
of the Black Forest in

Quality Guarantee

Each and every product is
made under one roof, and
complies with the strictest
standards of product
efficacy in the EU.

Pure and Safe

The use of natural and
ingredients is always a
priority. To ensure our
products work in biological
balance with our bodies.

Long-term Solution

La Biosthétique products
offer a long-term solution
rather than a ‘quick fix’ or
‘cover up’ to underlying
skin conditions.


  • How do I know which product is the right one for me ?Find the closest La Biosthetique salon
  • We recommend seeking professional advice to find which hair care, scalp care and skin care is best suited to you.
  • How long does delivery take?
  • Delivery time is one day for Sydney region when the order is put before 12pm, for other area delivery make up to 5 days.
  • How much does delivery cost?
  • Delivery is a flat rete of $13. Free shipping is applied on orders of $75 or more.
  • How can I track my order?
  • Go and use your order number(LAB followed by six numbers) as the reference number to track your parcel.

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